Obtain baseline by using ros

Hello, everyone, I’m new to reach rs2, I’d like to ask is there any way to obtain baseline and position of rover and base in xyz coordinate instead of LLH by using ros?

Hi @nuaazora123 , and welcome aboard !

What do you mean by “ros” ?

Thank you for your reply, I’m using the GPS data to track my robot by using Robot Operating System(ROS), and I found the ROS package in this GitHub - rpng/reach_ros_node: ROS driver for the Reach RTK GNSS module by Emlid site, but this package only shows the GPS data in longitude and latitude form, I’d like to ask if there is any way to show baseline and GPS data but in xyz form

Hi @nuaazora123,

Reach can stream its position in XYZ form, so you can easily configure it from the receiver’s side. But, if I get it right, this ROS package publishes NMEA messages to the ROS framework. NMEA messages contain only geographical coordinates. So if you need another format, it seems that you need to change the source code of this ROS package.


thank you so much!!!


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