Observation time with Reach RS

Hi there,

I received my pair of Reach RS. Still discovering and trying various setups.
For my need (measure CGPs for drone survey, max 10km from base station) I plan to use static mode of 10 minutes on each point, then post process. Is that time reasonable, or optimum ?


Hi @Pascal_P. I have a pair of reach rs for exactly the same thing. I have the base set on static and rover set on kinematic. For positions I have been using FIX for around 4 minutes. It gives me excellent results relative to the base, the problem I am having is determining the position of the base.

I am not very lucky so far in getting a RTK fix solution in a reasonable time. But post process seems ok.
For the base position, it is not really such important in my opinion. 3 cases:

  • client have existing topo point nearby, so use it
  • one geodetic point is available less than 15 km away, use it to measure a baseline and create a new base point inside your work zone
  • nothing exist, average observations on base and tell your client that your mapping solution is at correct size, but can be only translated to match further topographic jobs or new reference point creation.

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