Oblique measurement

I found a photo like this …
is a method like this recommended?

Others can correct me but I believe the equipment must been capable of computing the angle it is laying to determine the actual point. Of which, none of the Emlid products do currently.


Im not so sure thats it,

But I wish it was.

This picture really does show a very challenging environment to measure. Hopefully the surveyors will chime in. I do not see a level bubble on his stick.

The hardware would need a 3 axis roll sensor and a bunch of fancy math, but it would make measuring easier.


These are the new receivers with the latest IMU tilt technology that supports measurements up to 60 degrees of tilt. They compute the position of the tip of the pole instead of the receiver. This is the latest trend for the new gnss receivers.
They claim accuracy of 5cm at 60 degrees but I am a little skeptical about this.
I recently ordered a receiver like this and will conduct some tests on my own to see if the tilt works good.


Good watch.


There must studies done on this ?
I see so many issues, that need to be handled to provide a sound, trustworthy solution.

It will be called an RS3 it will be on the market in 2026 Hahaha.

But seriously my RS2 has finally shipped so RS3 must be in development maybe it will have a better form of this feature.

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Or maybe it will be just an upgrade of a firmware! cause all hardware needed are there, who know? :wink:

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