Object avoidance with Navio 2 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors


I’ve looked at the ardupilot pages for object avoidance. Seen that there are options/parameters to set in mission planner to take in sensor data.

If i used a set of ultrasonic sensors and fed this into arduino or the navio 2 via GPIO pins, how would I get the drone (hexacopter) to avoid the objects in loiter mode and stop at 1 or 2m distance?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Hi Harry,

I’d suggest checking out the basic settings you need to implement the object avoidance on ArduPilot in the following docs:

I’d also recommend going through these excessive guides on ArduPilot’s forum that might guide you in the correct direction of the required approach:

Please note that you can use Navio2 with Raspberry Pi boards only.

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