O REACH RS2 (base) can work with REACH RS + (rover) through Lora RTK

I’m trying to make my Reach RS2 communicate through the lora with O reach RS + (rover) but I’m not getting it, I noticed that in the RS 2 configuration, the types of messages are different from RS +.

RS+ as rover and RS2 base should work. What Reachview version are the units runing?

Hi good morning, first thanks for answering me, so I’m using the version. 2.22.1, what I am thinking is that the REACH RS2 messages are different from the REACH RS + messages, I use REACH RS2 as a base and a REACH RS + as a rover for work, but I am not getting a fixed solution with RTK.

Hi @britopimenta,

Reach RS2 should work fine as a base for Reach RS+. However, please note that you’re not getting the advantages of working with a multi-band system with such a setup as Reach RS+ receives only L1 corrections.

May I ask you to share the photos of your hardware setup and the environment? Could you please post the Simple system reports from both units so that we could check your LoRa configuration?

It’d be also great if you could post the raw data logs from both receivers so that we can check the data quality.

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