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I have put into operation with my Reach RS + Nuwa software from Tersus with very good results and with the applications I need, the only problem is the PDOP very high as in Fieldgenius. the accuracies are excellent and verify marks measured with total station + ReachView and Nuwa and the maximum difference is 1 cm. If the measurement is accurate because the pdop so high in these applications? the stakeout is fantastic, because EMLID can not do something like that?

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I guess that it using the NMEA stream as well? In that case, it should just the same problem as Fieldgenius, I would suspect.
In a previous thread you showed that the relevant nmea message value was either null or wrong, so I would expect that to carry over to any other device or software relying on the NMEA stream.

hello Cristian there is something in the NMEA instructions because with fieldgenius the same thing happens with the PDOP

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Hi there,

Watching PDOP is a good habit for surveying. This parameter shows the quality of the satellites’ geometry. Ideally, it should be less than 2. In case, it’s higher, it’s better to check if there are any obstacles that block the sky view. Providing the receiver with better satellite visibility will help decreasing the PDOP.

You can collect the points and monitor their PDOP just in the ReachView 3. This info is located in the Status tab. To easily access it from anywhere in the app, simply tap on the status bar.

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