Number of sattelites

I have been processing some files and I notice that every time Q=5 the number of sat’s goes up to 13, 14, or 15. When I have a fix or Q=1 the number of sat’s is usually 7or 8. Just seems weird thought more sat’s should give better fix?


Better fix, by that you mean more accurate?
Fix need at least 5 sats in rtk to get fix, 7-8 sats is excellent and is what i think too. As somebody told me once, 5 good one are better then 20 bad ones :slight_smile:
I usually get 5-7 sats and about 1cm cm repetable fix day after day. None of mye fixes from the same spot differs more then 12mm. And that is pretty good i think.
Picture belowe show 4 fixes from four different day.

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That is good. I have had pretty good results as well when I have a fix. Just seemed curious to me that Q=5 always seems to have about 15 sat’s is all. My fix even for several hours on the same position have never gone over 8 sat’s.

Overall it is looking pretty good.

Could one of you show me the parameters that you’re running on your base and rover to get such good result?
That’d do me wonders (hopefully) not able to get solid fix.

I`m not sure my setting will do it for you, it depends on your location.
Where are you located in the world?

I am using rfd900 radios with serial uart. 5hz gps glonass. rover in static as I have been doing points, using fix and hold otherwise I believe the settings are default for version 4.7. I am in Manitoba Canada with wide open skies and a few trees.

Dont have a screen shot right now but will get later.

Jim McArthur