NTRIP with SIM in base, Rover shares connection with phone over bluetooth

As the heading states, I’ve been trying to get this set up working. I’ve created an NTRIP profile following all the steps as stated in the emlid website tutorials. Problem is, it only works when I have the base set up where it connects to my home network, and the rover has either a sim card or shares a connection with my phone via bluetooth.

I have to survey an area which is pretty far away from my home network and I’d prefer to have the Base with Sim (on-site), and rover sharing b/tooth to get corrections via NTRIP. I suspect the Lora connection will not work in the area. I have 2 reach RS2 devices. Can anyone lend assistance in how to create this workflow?

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I worked thru it by the installing a SIM card in my base rs2 to use the ntrip network/caster to broadcast corrections and my phone or tablet is the controller for my rover rs3 unit receive the ntrip corrections as your right Lora radio is more limited in range but you can also bring both units to site and set up the base on a known point and follow the localization procedure

Thank you Jamie1, I created a hotspot from my controller and connected both devices to get the caster/mount point online. This solved my problem. I was able to get corrections throughout the day however some areas with limited network coverage proved difficult.

Hi @bluelotus88, Could you share more about why the LoRa connection won’t work in your workflow?

Since having an internet connection is a requirement when using Emlid Caster, I can see either LoRa or PPK as suitable alternatives in this case.

Hi @merryna.anggriani , the area of work was a thickly vegetated forest with trees as tall as 20-25m. The base was set up at an elevation of 30m higher than the work area (and approximately 300-700m range) in a spot where a clear sky view could be achieved. The intention of the job was to tie to a terrestrial boundary survey (one started with a total station) and search for additional marks through the use of GPS. The job area had several large river crossings as well as undulating terrain to manoeuvre along the boundary lines and made for a difficult situation to continue the survey using total station…hence the request to use GPS. My experience using the RS2 with Lora antenna has been that corrections don’t come through to the receiver in such a site. I set up the mount point and gained corrections through NTRIP over Bluetooth, but even with that and using a 4.5m pole, I could only achieve float values…some areas I temporarily gained a fix. It worked good enough to find 5 additional marks however I did not observe in a manner to achieve fix results after post processing. I would appreciate any help that can be rendered. Also, I have been having difficulty connecting through wifi to the receivers as well as updating the firmware…I can only update to version 29.2…do I need to use the flash tool?