NTRIP With one Reach RS on Local GNSS VRS

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I subscribe to a local VRS and I can see I am connected and can see the base that is connected. I am not receiving base corrections to my reach. Can you please help me.


Let’s see a screenshot of the setup for the unit that is receiving the corrections.

Hi Ryan,

In the same screen where you configure the NTRIP caster information (IP, Port, User name, Password, …), at the very bottom there is a checkbox that enables the reach to send NMEA GGA logs back to the NTRIP caster, for VRS operation it is necessary to tick that checkbox as otherwise the network would not be able to know where your receiver is and therefore it would not be able to create the virtual station for your coordinates.

Note also that your Reach has to have a valid position.



Please take a look and let let know what you think I am doing wrong. I think its because my VRS only broadcast NAD83 NSRS 2007 for Tennessee projection. I do not know for sure.

Try a different mount point? Also I see on your setup you are including a lot of messages on the nmea string, maybe try gps only and if it works then start adding messages one at a time? Perhaps the VRS network is not getting your position and the system is not sending you corrections because the system think you are out of the network coverage area?..just a couple of things that comes to mind…hope this helps.

Still no success. Thanks for the suggestion. Please keep them coming.

Do you have the spec for this service?
Current mountpoint doesnt send usable observation.


They do not list much info

not sure how Topcon network works, but based out of your setup, you’re trying to connect “single base” to TN15 (district 15)?

This mount point is sending Glonass L1/L2 observations only, so something is wrong with it. You can contact the network operator to find a functioning mount point.

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