NTRIP: Waiting for corrections


we are trying to use a reach M2 device with a NTRIP Service provider following this guide: Working with NTRIP service | Emlid Docs

But in the “correction input” screen, instead of seeing “receiving corrections”, we only have “waiting for corrections” .

FYI, we are using skylark as NTRIP service provider (Skylark Precise Positioning Service | Cloud-Based Corrections from Swift)

According to note 3 on this page(Swift Navigation Support), it should be compatible with Reach M2 using the CRS mountpoint.

Did anyone use skylark with a reach device as a NTRIP service provider?

Make sure the correction stream you are mounted to is RTCM3. This has caught me a couple of times after a reset where our provider defaults to 2.3 when we first login so I have to manually choose the next one down for 3.1.

Hi Romain,

I’ve checked the details you’ve shared with us via email. As I see from the screenshot, your Reach M2 doesn’t calculate a solution. Can you please place the unit under an open sky, wait until it calculates at least a Single solution, and check if it can receive corrections after that?

Also, please ensure that the Internet connection is stable. You can connect your Reach M2 to another Wi-Fi network to double-check it’s not an issue.

Hi Kseniia,
Indeed it was solved once we placed the reach M2 in an open sky. I was naively expecting to be able to setup this indoor. Thanks for your answer.


Hi Romain,

Glad to hear you sorted it out! Thanks for posting the update.