NTRIP v1 support for RS2

The federal office of topography in Switzerland provide a free of charge rtk service with low accuracy. The protokoll they use is NTRIP v1 and the mount point is called DGNSS_NAV.
When I enter the url and port number I can choose the mount point from the drop down and the RS2 can successfully connect to the service. Status is ‘Connected’. The problem now is that it looks like no corrections are received. On the status screen the message ‘Waiting for corrections’ stayes forever.
I have called the federal office to see if there is a problem on their side. They say everething looks good.
So, the question is does the RS2 support NTRIP v1? If yes, any other ideas what to try out?
Thanks Roland


What version of RTCM is set in Reachview? What version are they pushing? This happens when I reset a device which default to RTCM 2.x.

They push RTCM 3. At least that is what reachview writes below the mount point in ‘Correction input’ menu near the info icon: ‘Correction input format is RTCM3’.
Can you give me a hint where I can set the RTCM version in Reachview? So far I did not find this setting!?

You’re right, looks like they change the settings with one of the updates. Well on to the next idea. I have had the same issues with other devices doing this occasionally. Like right now I am working on an M2, have it hooked up to solid internet, connected to our NTRIP and it will not show receiving corrections so I just updated to 30 beta 1 and it is doing the same thing. I am going to play with it a little more and roll back to a stable FW if I can’t figure it out pretty soon.


Rolled back to v29.2 and NTRIP is now working on the M2.


Decided to reinstall 30 beta 1 and the M2 is still working. I guess flashes have a way of working themselves out.

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Hi Ronald,

Is this Swisstopo service? If so, I found out DGNSS_NAV mount point sends RTCM2.3, while Reach support RTCM3 only.

Also, I’m not sure it would work even with RTCM3, cause Reach doesn’t support DGNSS technology.

I see Swisstopo also provides RTK corrections, which should work fine. However, I’m not sure if they’re provided for free.

Hi Svetlana

Yes, that is the one.
Thanks, so we know now that the RS2 does not work with the free of charge service from swisstopo.

What about their RTK VRS service I mentioned in the previous post? Is it a paid one?

Reach is designed for RTK to provide centimeter-level accuracy. DGNSS is about sub-meter level.

Yes, that is a paid one. You can have it as an yearly subsription or pay as you go. But it is expensive. You better ask us if you need an RTK service in Switzerland.

We have customers who are happy with sub-meter level accuracy. Now, they can either not use the RS2 or need to pay for an RTK service.

Thanks for your help.

Roland, I wish I could provide with a workaround for this. But it seems I have nothing to suggest. The only thing you can do to avoid using paid NTRIP service is placing your own base if you have another Reach RS2+. In this case, you can use our free Emlid Caster to connect devices via NTRIP. But still, it’s RTK.

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