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I have a question about the NTRIP Service for an RS2 rover set up. I have done some very brief research into the NTRIP compatibility with RS2 models. It seems I will require a sim in order to connect to a service. My question is where do I purchase the sim? Is it as simple as purchasing a sim from a local service provider and then from there I pay a specific NTRIP service subscription based on my area? Or do I need to buy a specific sim from the NTRIP service that is offered in my area?

I am located in Nelson BC, Canada if this makes any difference.

I appreciate the help.

Hi, I don’t know if Canada still has 2g/3g cellular service, but that is the type of sim card/service that will work with the Emlid RS2 model. It doesn’t work with 4g or higher sim cards. You can always connect to a hotspot on your phone or to a dedicated hotspot to recieve the NTRIP provided corrections for your Rover.
Here is Emlid’s doc on the subject matter.

Here are some links to info on various Canada NTRIP Correction Service providers.


and here is the Google search link I used. I don’t know why it isn’t populating the title in English.


I use an external access point (M7000 | 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi | TP-Link)
Works a treat.
Any sim able to connect to the internet should work. Mind you need continous and stable data connection.

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Hi Jacob,

It looks like there’s no more 3G support in Canada, and the RS2 can work with different 2G/3G SIM cards. Another option can be inserted into your mobile phone with a 4G or 5G SIM card, and the Reach device can use the internet from the hotspot or in one external mobile Wi-Fi, as @studiodemarchi.net mentioned.

All the Reach devices will need an internet connection to access the NTRIP Service, and we have some guides showing the options to connect the RS2 to the internet:

You can check the NTRIP corrections from private companies or other providers. The NTRIP price and rate will depend on the location. @mark1st.john gave good suggestions on NTRIP providers in your area.

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