Ntrip server baseline

Hello, i am using a public provider base. Everything works as expected. Rover and base are comunicating over TCP (internet). I can see both Rover and Base and everything works as expected.
My only problem is i get a very very unstable fix and almost always i am on float, even in really open area.

My baseline from the public ntrip service is 24 KM and when i get a fix i see correction ratio jumping up to a high number, than it starts falling until it reaches areound 10 and it goes to float forever again.

Should i drop my public server and setup my private base? Is 24KM baseline too much?


10km is the max distance with rtk. I have been told with static mode you can go alot longer.
Has your provider VRS options?

Thank you. Provider has VRS, i tested it but results weren’t much better.


Hi Corrado,

By the way, when using NTRIP you should have Glonass Ambiguity resolution set to “off”. As the receivers are of different type.

Does VRS show you a shorter baseline?

Yes, i have set Glonass ambiguity to off.

Using VRS gives me a baseline of few meters (5-6) but the fixing situation doesn’t get any better.

On the rover i am using a BIG antenna (Tallysmann 3740).

What i wonder is if i make my own base does the fixing status become more stable and trustable?


I hade similar issue, but got fix eventually and not so bad as you got. With relative refrence located nearby with local wifi i got much faster and stable fix. Not sure what causes this behavior wtih vrs. Mine was also 5-10m away.
Did you enable the location feedback from your station? Think mine was set to singel.

I am not sure if the parameter you are referring to is “Send NMEA GGA messages” in correction input panel. If so yes it is enabled.


It looks like you got some sort of “wtfigo”.
How long and days have you teste vrs? are you located with good visability to sat? good dop values?

Vrs has been tested about 2-3 hours a day in the last 10 das. Never got a stable fix. Maybe it fixes for 2-3 minutes than back to float.

I see a total of 17 Sats on the Rover, 7 of wich with green bars.

DOP 0.9

AR validation 1.1


Have you tried postprocess?
You might fine tune a setting that gives you better results.

No, didn’t try post processing.