NTRIP RTK: Reach looses correction satellites after local GPS drop-out

Hoping you guys can help:

I’m using the reach on a tractor for coverage mapping. V2.14 software. RTK correction signal is through an internet CORS/NTRIP signal. Was combining along a tree line and had spotty signal in a few cases. When the GS signal dropped, the reach seemed to loose the correction signals (reachview showed no satellites for the correction even though correction input shows connection and data). Happened 3 or 4 times. If I rebooted or shut off he correction input and turned it back on, the satellites would show back up immediately. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi John,

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How long were the signal dropouts?

Most CORS provide a network or nearest station set of corrections. These rely on you sending the network your location. If you lose position you send no ilocation to the CORS and it sends no information back.

If an incorrect position gets sent to the CORS then corrections are calculated for the wrong spot. This really messes up Reach, and it can have trouble working out a solution that fits the data.

If it happens again and you are getting frustrated try changing the solution type to single, getting a fix, then going back to kinematic. A pain in the butt, but it normally fixes the problem.

It is the CORS network that tries to do the best it can and holds on the the wrong position until a new position is provided.

Hope this makes sense.

The signal drop outs were only a matter of seconds. I was running the combine at the time, so wasn’t able to dig into deeply. Once dropped, it picked back up in GPS fix mode quickly.

What Simon_Allen describes may be what I was dealing with. I kept running and even after getting back out into clear view of the sky, the system stayed in GPS fix. I stopped and checked reachview and it showed connected to the NTRIP, but no correction satellites were listed on the status screen. First time, I just pulled the power and rebooted. After reboot, everything was back to normal. Second time, I turned off the position input, then turned it back on and a few second later everything was back to normal. I really need it to self recover…I anyone else is running the equipment for me, they don’t know how to do resets, etc. Plus it takes some down time to reset.

Hi @87YJ,

Did you have the opportunity to test your CORS another day?
Does the dropout issue persist?

It has been raining and snowing here all the time, so I haven’t tested in the field. I have bench tested and noticed in the latest version (2.16.1) the performance is better. The CORS corrections resume immediately and don’t require a reset when I loose GPS signal. I can cover the GPS or unplug the antenna completely and as soon as the signal is back, the system picks the CORS corrections back up and goes into RTK float almost instantly. When I was having this problem with 2.14, it would not do this and required a change in settings or reboot to resume the corrections.

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