Ntrip providers

Are there any ntrip providers in every country? Are they in Georgia? How can I find it out?

These guys can probably help.


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No. They don’t know It. It is just company makung survey projects and UAV mapping.

Do you mean Georgia the state?

No. He is referring to the country.

No. The country

Have you tried a search on the internet?

That’s not a good sign for their company. There must be a surveyor in your region that knows something. From what I am seeing on this reseller site Georgia appears to be just out of coverage so that may be why noone knows anything…

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Hi @Giorgi_Shatirishvili,

I tried to thoroughly search for NTRIP providers in Georgia.

It looks like there are no NTRIP services in your country that can be easily found on the Internet.

In this case, I can suggest you use two Reach devices and connect them via Emlid Caster.


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