NTRIP over Bluetooth and 3rd party app

I would like to know if this is possible or if I’m doing something wrong.

I am using RS3 as a Rover, and NTRIP (Iowa) over Bluetooth from my Samsung s22 Ultra.

I am needing to get rtk corrections for a third party app. (WM Survey 2 from Trimble). From what I have gathered so far, I need to use NTRIP Client Lefebure. I have gone through developer options steps etc.

I received a RTK fix when in the emlid app, but when I go to NTRIP Client Lefebure and connect, the connection gets lost with my RS3.

What are my options?

Hi Brandon,

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Let’s investigate. Can you please check if you experience the same while connecting to your Reach RS3 via Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot and using NTRIP instead of NTRIP over Bluetooth?

Is it the connection with the NTRIP service or the connection via Emlid Flow that disconnects? Can you please send a screenshot of the messages you see in Lefebure?

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