Ntrip is not functioning anymore

One year ago, i was able to use Emlid Reach rs+ WITH nTRIP LOCAL provider. But, now i am no longer able to use it with the mentioned ‘waiting for correction’ settings… Could you help me?

Agus Indonesia

Can you try and log the signal, to see if you are actually getting a signal ?
Also, contact your local provider to check if they can see your device log in?

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Hi @laesanpu,

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Which NTRIP service are you using? Can you please share a screenshot of the Correction input screen from Emlid Flow? Also, please double-check that the NTRIP credentials are entered correctly.

Ntrip is available from government service provider under registration.
Last year, the service is available until today. But unfortunately the Emlid RTK can not received the Correction now. The screen shots are shown here.

Hi @laesanpu,

Thank you for the screenshots; the configuration looks fine. If Reach is connected to the Internet, and the NTRIP credentials are entered correctly, it’s usually enough to receive corrections.

As Christian also mentioned, it’s worth double-checking your NTRIP subscription with the provider. Especially if you could use it earlier with the same credentials and configuration.

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Yes, I agree with @Christian Grüner and @kornel.nemeti.

Check with the RTN provider. An issue like this happened with our state’s about a year ago. They installed new equipment and revamped all the mount points.

The issue has been solved now. The IP address was actually changed by the provider.

Thank you for all from the Emlid community.