NTRIP in the Field, Sending corrections from Android phone


I see there are some threads asking similar questions, but I am new to this and could use some help.

I need to send the NTRIP corrections via my phone to the Reach RS rover. I have my NTRIP account credentials, and am able to log in without issue when I am connected to my wifi network at home, but I am having no luck when trying to send the corrections from my phone while in the field. I have my Reach RS configured as such in the Correction input:

This of course seems incorrect to me, and it feel like it would seek a direct connection to the internet. Is the best way to go about this selecting BT as base corrections, and inputting the NTRIP Data in Addition Corrections?

I have also read that I should set up a wifi hotspot on my phone to transmit the corrections, but if I do that, will I still be able to access the Rover hotspot and access Reach View?

Sorry if this is explanation of problems is a little confusing.


I use a hotspot on my phone to connect the Reach to the internet.

When the connection is established from the Reach to the hotspot the hotspot app tells me the IP of the Reach and I can access Reachview through the Browser.

If using a Base and Rover, I set up the base first using the phone as a hotspot to get the NTRIP data to fix the position of the base. Once that position has been established then the phone goes with me and the rover so there is no NTRIP connenction at the base while I am out surveying with the rover. With the rover you can either use the hotspot or the Reach’s wifi.

In order for your Rover to receive NTRIP corrections in the field, it needs to have access to the Internet. You simply need to enable the hotspot on your cellphone and connect your Rover to that hotspot. You can also access the ReachView from the same cellphone (via the built-in cellphone’s web browser) or you can connect your laptop/tablet to your cellphone’s hotspot (via WiFi) and use the web browser on your laptop/tablet to access the ReachView. Note; I would test the WiFi hotspot to make sure it is working before doing anything with Reach. For example, you can connect your laptop/tablet to your hotspot and open your web browser to see if you can access internet. You need to have the hotspot plan with your cell phone provider before this would work…


I was able to set up a hot spot with my phone, get the assigned IP of the Reach, and login in to my NTRIP account, but I am getting an alternative “Connected to NTRIP” message and a “timed out” message. Any idea what may be causing that? I have my mobile data turned on, so I should be sending the corrections over the hot-spot (I think).

In the Status window, I am not receiving any information about the NTRIP base (Virtual base?) They way I have it configured at the moments is identical to the image above, except the shared network is now my phone hotspot, not my home wifi.

When you set up using NTRIP over your phone hotspot, do your setting look similar to the picture I posted above, or do you need to input something in additional corrections?

Thanks again!

My setup for incoming corrections at the Base is similar to what you have. At the bottom of that page you should see stats of the incoming data.

You also said “sending corrections over hotspot” I am not doing that I am using the LoRA radios.

What is your source of corrections?

Do you have a good cell phone connection in the field?

Can you browse using you hotspot to see if it is working OK?


Seems to me that if you are sending corrections over Wifi you would need two internet connections, one at the base and one at the rover unless they are close enough together to be on the same network.

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The setting looks the same, just make sure your hotspot is working. Either way, if you are getting NTRIP corrections, you should see on the lower left corner of your picture, NTRIP port data information changing after a few seconds, OR you would see changing gray color bars on the Status page… (PS. I am assuming you are using a NTRIP server, since you can not send corrections directly from Base to Rover over internet)…

Ya, I was able to browse on my computer by logging into the phone hotspot. Looks like that portion is working.

I’m trying to use the rover as a standalone.

Thanks for the help everyone, things seem to be up and running now. I was able to log a few points with good RMS values.

Follow up question however. My fix was not as reliable as it was using the LoRa. When using the radio, the fix initially cut out very often until I lowered the Air transfer rate to 9.11 kb/s. Is there data transfer rate settings when using an NTRIP/Hotspot that may be causing the fix to cut out. Or perhaps it is the terrain, as there is plenty of obstacles that could cause multi-path issues.


You can always check your hotspot upload/download (and delay) speeds with free utilities to see if you have a stable connection. The REACH documentation says that you need to be within 10KM of the NTRIP server. Look at your Status page (left bottom section). It shows how far you are from the NTRIP server.

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