NTRIP in Italy - Spin3 and HxGN network


I’ve received my reach RS2 a couple of weeks ago.
I use a single GNSS with NTRIP corrections.

I tried with the Spin3 network for about a week, and It’s almost impossible to get a fix correction. It’s float 99 % of the time

I finally tried the HxGN network (ex Italpos), and it works like a charm. After a few seconds I can always get stable fixes

I contacted the support of the Spin3 network. They looked at their log, and they told me that the connection with my GNSS looks good, no errors, I have around 20 satellites, but the RS2 does not seem to have enough data to get a stable fix. I tried everyting, changing mountpoints, update rate, elevation mask angle, SNR mask, but i do not get proper fixes.
Is there a way to help the Spin3 network to find what might be the problem?


Hi Marco,

As I understand, we’ve been discussing this issue over email. Let’s continue the discussion here as it might be useful for other users.

From the solution log you’ve sent, I see that the receiver has a Float solution most of the time. However, it seems that other logs hadn’t reached me as they exceeded the size limit. May I ask you to share the raw data and base correction logs from the same session with the Spin3 network? You can upload the files to any of the file exchangers like WeTransfer and provide the link.

Hi Marco,

Thank you, I’ve received the logs. I’ll look into them and get back to you with the results.

Hi Marco,

Could you please clarify whether the base log you’ve sent contains data from Spin3 only or both Spin3 and HxGN?

Hi Kseniia,

The first part contains data fom Spin3 (all float)
The second part from HxGN and it works very well (always fix)

I hope you can tell me why the Spin3 ntrip corrections are always float
The Spin3 support told me that they registered my connection and on their side they have no errors

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the clarification!

As far as I can see from the base correction log, the base satellite signal quality significantly increased when you switched from the Spin3 to the HxGN NTRIP. You can check the difference in the attached screenshot. The base was switched at around 10:06.

Reach requires at least 4 satellites without cycle slips and with 40-45 SNR for calculating centimeter-accurate position. That’s why the receiver can get Float solution only with the Spin3 network.

That’s interesting, is it because Spin3 does not have enough base stations closer to you?

Hi Kseniia

Thank you for your answer. I will send the screenshot to the Spin3 support, asking them about the 4 satellites without cycle slips and with 40-45 SNR for calculating centimeter-accurate position

This is the log they sent me to check the connection
Spin3_Log.pdf (417.0 KB)

Hi Bhavesh,
The nearest Spin3 base station was less than 1km away from my GNSS

weird, it could be that they didn’t setup the base station prperly? I’ve got a license with trimble ntrip server through my supplier and I’ve got a GS14 but I don’t use it as much so I am putting it on the Rs+ as well. Not sure how this is going to work. Have you looked at those services?

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