NTRIP format version 1.0 or 2.0

We have an Emlid RS2 as a permanent base station, providing corrections over NTRIP, using the the free EMlid Caster service. One of our collaborators is connecting to the mount point (with non-Emlid hardware) and can receive message fine, but he said that the corrections are in version 1.0 format rather than 2.0.
Is there a way to use version 2.0 format for the messages coming via NTRIP?

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I don’t think this is possible with RS/Emlid Caster but normally would not be necessary.

The benefits NTRIP V2 are not huge and V1 remains popular. And V2 devices and servers are normally backwards compatible with V1, so if the device requests V2 and only V1 is presented by the server the device would normally fall back to that and chug along happily regardless.

It is possible to force V2 from a server, I can configure that that on my Trimble NetR9 but if I do Emlid caster immediately spits the dummy and the stream drops offline. So it’s not just an RS2 thing.

Is there a particular reason he can’t or is reluctant to use V1?

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Hi @ecw,

@Wombo you’re right. RS2 as a base doesn’t support transmitting corrections in NTRIP 2.0 version and Emlid Caster also supports only NTRIP 1.0 format. I second @Wombo question: why does he prefer NTRIP 2.0?


thanks both of you for your replies.
Our collaborator said something about the data packets in V2 coming in chunks of known size, and its easier for him to manage the incoming stream. Apparently this is not the case for V1. It also fits with his existing software pipeline. He did say that he can make a workaround to use V1 messages, but it would create a small delay in the corrections getting passed to the next devices.

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Thank you for the explanation. I’m glad to hear there’s a workaround you can use. I’ve passed your request to our development team.

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