NTRIP default gateway


We have configured Reach RS2 for RTK mode with NTRIP using mobile data on Reach (SIM card). This works fine in “standalone” mode and other GIS devices connected using Reach’s own WiFi hotspot.

However, on this site we have to connect to a M2M WiFi network without internet access, and when the RS2 is connected to WiFi without internet it stops receiving RTK corrections. After some troubleshooting it seems that the RS2 use the WiFi connection as default gateway for NTRIP.

How can we configure the RS2 to use its own mobile data connection for NTRIP, still connected to a WiFi without internet access?
Firmware v2.24.2

Best regards

Hi Dagvald,

You’re right. Reach indeed uses Wi-Fi as a preferable option for Internet access. At the moment, we don’t have the option to switch to mobile data manually. However, it seems to be a quite useful feature for projects like yours. So, I’ll note it as a feature request and pass it to the team.

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