NTRIP Data Usage

Anyone got an idea of how much internet data is used for an 8-hour NTRIP connection via sim card/internet? Just wanted to know the amount for budgeting purposes.

How do you load your sim card with mobile data? pre-paid? post-paid? without removing the sim card?

I hope that emlid redesigns the sim card slot. very difficult to place/remove the sim card for people with fat fingers. One wrong move and the slot cover could be damaged.

I have been told that running Lefebure NTRIP 24/7 for a month will not use a gig. I haven’t tested it. I mean to one day, just not enough day light most days if you know what I mean.

I would assume the internal NTRIP would be similar.

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Not sure how big the headers for ntrip are, but the corrections themselves are very small.

I ran RTCM3.2 through RTKlib server and it was reporting just under 4.5kb/s for all constellations at 1hz, 25 sats visible.

So that would be 370Mb in a 24hr period, or 15.5MB/hr. (1024kb/mb)

Some data savings could be achieved by not using all constellations at the base. As it will send the corrections anyway if selected on the base, even if the rover is not using them.

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