NTRIP corrections to an Reach M2

Hey all. I’m having trouble receiving NTRIP corrections.
I’m using a service owned by Trimble/Korec called
in digit form:
RTCM mount point: 15_TVN_RTCM_31

Within the trimble account I have a sub account that we use for our trimble hardware for VRS.
I’m not sure what username I should be using. The toplevel email address for logging into my trimble account or one of the sub accounts.
vrsnow.ie expects an email address which isn’t the format of the sub accounts. They’re just a username. Though I’m not sure where the 2101 port I technically sending me.

Any suggestions?

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lf you using emlid receiver, maybe you can try emlid caster, it is work on my nicelly

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Hi Gavin,

Welcome to the community forum!

Well, can’t really tell you much about the Trimble account configurations. Maybe a good idea to check up with their support or online docs. You can always try out different settings in ReachView 3 app if you add your NTRIP profile in the Profile tab of the app.

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