Ntrip corrections in Belgium (flepos)


I am using reach rtk standalone module for rtk solutions. I have now they following problem. I live in Belgium and we have a free ntrip service called flepos. The problem i have is when i want to connect tot that service. Reachview gives me a notification. It says source table received and a few seconds later it says recv error (2). The reach module can’t find the mountpoint lists. What’s van be the reason for this problem.
Kind regards.
Bjorn Versteghe

Hey there Bjorn,

I am Belgian and was struggling with this some weeks ago!
Eventually I found out you have to fill in the mountpoint, one of these you can find here:


I’m curious, what project are you working on? I am busy setting the Reach up together with AgOpenGPS for tractor guidance.



Hallo Karel,

I am making a tractor guidance system with cerea with steering motor. I will build it on a Deutz k420.


Hi Bjorn,

Did you manage to solve the issue with getting NTRIP corrections?

yes, now reach worksfine with ntrip correction service.

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