NTRIP correction input from EU GNSS base station(s) - Single Reach RS+ module

Hi guys.

I’m new here. I’m Meije, a Dutch MSc Geology Student. I have limited GIS experience. In June of this year i am going to do fieldwork in Southern Spain (Sorbas basin). My fieldwork job is to 3D map steep cliffs with the help of a UAV (Phantom 4 pro) and do measurements from the reconstructed models, things like strike-dip, mapping faults…
I pre-ordered the Emlid Reach RS+ station already.

My goal is to use the single Reach RS+ station to measure GCP’s with NTRIP correction input as per https://docs.emlid.com/reachrs/common/reachview/correction-input/#ntrip from a nearby base station from the European GNSS network.

Now the part that is confusing to me is how to get the Address and Port of the GNSS base station.

Thus far this is what i have done/know.

I registered at:

Caster: euref-ip, 
Caster: igs-ip, mgex.igs-ip.net & products.igs-ip.net
The EUREF-IP Broadcaster is currently available at ports:
www.euref-ip.net:2101 and www.euref-ip.net:80

On http://www.euref-ip.net/home i can find the base station i am looking for on https://igs.bkg.bund.de/root_ftp/NTRIP/streams/streamlist_euref-ip.htm :

59 EUREF         ESP     RIO100ESP0   Rioja                 GPS+GLO+GAL  L1&L2      42.46     -2.43 Single Base    A    LEICA GR25            RTCM 3.2         1006(15),1008(15),1013(60),1019,1020,1033(15),1075(1),1085(1),1095(1),1230(15)

Which is the closest one to Sorbas.

  1. Now my question is, i got the caster info from e.g. euref-ip, but how exactly do i connect to the base station called Rioja ?, and what do i enter into the ’ NTRIP correction input’ correction tab on the emlid reach app?

  2. I read somewhere that the farther away i am from the base station, the lower the accuracy will be, in this case i am about 30-40Km from the base station, what kind of accuracy can i expect after the correction is done?.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!.

Hi Meije,
I hope you have a smooth start in your Fieldwork. If you say the station is called “Rioja”…that should be what Mounting Point in the Correction input tab means. You can check that unser the NTRIP section in the docs. https://docs.emlid.com/reach/common/reachview/correction-input/
So. You have the IP, Port, Mounting point and login credentials I hope.

Anyway. Do you know if you have cellular coverage in your Area? For a live NTRIP correction you’ll need an internet connection anyway.

For your second question: I haven’t done it so far in that range, someone else can probably tell you more, but I am always a bit pessimistic about accuracy. Maybe it needs a bit of extra time to get a fix anyway because of the Terrain (cliffs). You’ll probably also have some problems with reflected gps signals bouncing around (multipath). So I would think you would be in a sub-meter area probably,

Have you thought of a second (normal) reach module as base station? That’s what I do to collect GCP in remote areas. Then you have very accurate relative positions. To get accurate absolute positions you’ll need to know the exact coordinates of the base station. At least in our cases we want a good model and it doesn’t matter if if is shifted aroudn 5m or so.


Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for getting back to me. That answers one of my two question. Yup we have cellular coverage there, i knew that that was a prerequisite to get the correction input stream :). Sub meter is good enough for us as we are talking about large structures, so the relative error will be low enough.

I have given it some thought to use a second module but since i just started with this i want to take it one step at a time, also since the base station has to be collecting for multiple hours if i am not mistaken that will be a challenge. Also the post-processing in RTKlib looks like a big challenge. So yeah, after i am comfortable with these initial steps i will definitely move on from there. Thanks again for all the info!.

Hi Meije,
I think once you’ve done the workflow it will be fine for you. reach is pretty simple to usw and also RTKLib is OK to usw. We also use a Topcon and a Trimble RTK System and most times I use my reach as it is much easier and I don’t have problems with disconneting bluetooth connections and so on

About the datasets: Acutually with one reach or reach rs you can log multiple days and the memory of the reach rs+ has doubled. Anyway. A realtime correction will be faster and you directly see if the position if corrected and you can move on.

Good luck anyway and have fun in your field work. You

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Hi Meije

I have a registration with euref-ip, if you see my post on the forum, I’ve been having trouble trying to access the corrections via my iPhone Hotspot.

When you get the unit and get up to speed, can you report back if you can successfully access euref-ip corrections through a smartphone or personal hotspot device?

Good luck with your project.

Here’s my forum post:

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