NTRIP Connection - Stuck on Single solution

Hi there,

I have an EMLID Reach RS2 and I’m having difficulty using the device when collecting ground control points.

The EMLID is on firmware update 29.2, and I’m trying to use custom network RTK/ NTRIP to receive the corrections. I know there is not a problem with the NTRIP service as it works instantly when connected to the drone, with my phone used as a hotpsot.
I have 4G signal on my phone, hotspot enabled, however whenever I go into the ReachView 3 app, it just stays on single, and does not even attempt to go to a float or a fixed solution. In the past I never had this problem but it seems every time I have been out with the device recently I encounter this problem. I feel like I’m missing extremely simple, and was just wondering if there was a quick fix to help rectify this issue?


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Hi Richard,

I’m sure we’ll nail it down, but I need to gather some details from you to understand what could go wrong.

Can you share the screenshot of your Correction input screen? Is there any message under the NTRIP option?

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Hi Tatiana,

I have attached the screenshots below . The only message under the correction input screen is that it is “waiting for the corrections”.

If you need any further information sending your way to help diagnose the issue just let me know.

Many thanks

Hi Richard !

I am wondering if your RS2 really has an Internet connection in that setup. There is no SIM card inside, because if there were, we would see the icon in the top-left corner close to the battery level. And since the RV3 Wifi settings shows “hotspot”, I guess the receiver is creating the hotspot, while it should be connected to your phone’s hotspot instead. Could you please check that ?


Hi Richard,

I agree with @Florian’s assumptions: your receiver likely isn’t connected to the Internet. You can check our guides to learn how to connect Reach to the Internet via:

Please let us know whether it helps you.

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