NTRIP connection question

hello, so I have a REACH RS + and a SAMSUNG TAB A with ReachView 3 installed. I intend to connect to NTRIP, why can I connect to NTRIP only if I have wifi hot spot and both devices connected to it, but I can’t use NTRIP if I use SAMSUNG TAB’s mobile data? Will this option be added in the future as other measurement software has?

Hi Nadir,

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Let me explain the essential configuration of the Reach RS+ with NTRIP corrections. You need to connect RS+ rover to the Internet first. Then you set RS+ to receive the correction messages from your NTRIP caster. You can check more details about the NTRIP workflow in our online guide.

Do I understand correctly that you’re trying to receive corrections from NTRIP caster to your tablet and then transmit them to the Reach receiver?

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