NTRIP connection issues using Reach RX

We have two teams that work in the field simultaneously, each with their own Emild Reach RX device and separate log-ins to the NTRIP service run by Ohio DOT. Our sites have decent cell service and a clear sky view. Most of the time, we have no trouble obtaining FIX very quickly & maintaining it with both devices.

However, occasionally, one device will not obtain FIX or it may lose connection and be unable to recover. EmlidFlow displays “Waiting for Corrections” on Single. We have tried changing mount points, restarting the RX and the device it’s connected to, and switching ODOT NTRIP accounts. Strangely enough, the non-working device will not receive corrections, regardless of the mount point or which NTRIP account it’s connected to, while at the same time, the working RX will get corrections even after switching accounts/mount points. We have also tried moving the two Reach RX devices away from one another in case of interference caused by their proximity. But that did not resolve the issue.

Usually, within a few hours, the non-working RX will then get corrections and our teams will be able to continue work as normal. But if anyone has any insight or additional ideas about how to troubleshoot, please let us know!

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Hey, surely it can be frustrating ! is the phone the same type for both Reach RX ? Have you checked if the firmware version of the Reach RX is the same also ?

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We have updated the firmware on both of the RXs. But the teams are using different phones. One’s an iPhone and the other is a google phone I think. I’d have to ask for the exact model. But oddly, we can switch which phone is connected to which RX - the RX that works, works on both. The RX that doesn’t get fix, still displays “waiting for corrections” on either device.

Hi Lauren,

Can you please share a Full System Report from both of your Reach RX? We would compare the two devices to see the reason for such behavior. The reports can contain personal data, so I’d recommend sending them to support@emlid.com.

Thanks so much, will do!

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