NTrip Connection help

I’m a new user with a couple basic questions.

First question is about getting the NTrip connection to work. I’ve successfully connected to a castor but the connection does not appear in the status page. There are no grey bars or rtk parameters being populated. Is there something else I should do to get this to work? I can’t figure it out. I don’t even know where to start to trouble shoot.

My second question is about how I should connect my phone and the Reach while in the field. Currently I am using my office WiFi to set up these settings. My phone does not have the ability to make a hotspot. I have not found a step by step tutorial that shows how to configure this set up. Do I set up the NTrip connection in the NTrip tab and then switch to the Bluetooth tab to send the NTrip data via Bluetooth? How does the ReachView app talk to the gps in the field? Ideally I’d like to use the arcgis collector app but I understand that it is not currently supported on the iPhone, so I plan to use the reachview app for now to collect data. This means that I will need to have the app connect to the reach in the field and it is not clear to me how they communicate without a WiFi hotspot.

I appreciate all the help I can get with these two issues.

Well I just figured out the NTrip issue of it not showing up. The mount point was _binex and I had the format set to rtcm3. I reviewed the list of mount points and there was another one with the version of the same mount point named _rtcm3.

When I switched it to that it started to work.

Now I just need help with issue two above!

I’m glad you sorted out your first question. For your second question, here is the link to the documentation:

There is also a link within that section for further reading, but that link is currently broken so maybe start reading this thread:

Thanks. I’ve read these posts but it is not fully clear to me. For some reasons my phones Bluetooth says it is discoverable but is not showing up in ReachView. I need to trouble shoot and once I do figure it out hopefully it will all make sense.

When in the field do I connect to the reach hotspot to control the gps with my phone, and collect points?

I don’t have experience with the setup you are attempting, but if you can’t create a hotspot with your phone, then you are going in the right direction. Your phone needs to be connected with cellular data; Wi-Fi connected to Reach’s hotspot; and Bluetooth paired and connected with Reach.

That is correct.

Does anyone else have some suggestions for @estromberg about this?

Hi @estromberg,

What ReachView version do you have?
Do you have Android or iOS?
Can you try another phone to confirm the issue?
Can you connect to PC instead?