Ntrip configuration - reach rs2

Hi friends. I have an Emlid Reach RS2 equipment. I have tried to use it with NTRIP services for corrections.
I have configurated the rover, in the input corrections to NTRIP, and and I have see an advertisment saying “correction format is RTCM3”.

It is possible to change this format, for example change to CMR+ ???

Thank you!!


RTCM is a much more compatible spec. Why do you need CMR?

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I am trying to connect to a ntrip servicd that for someone reason sends correctuon messages in rcm formato. The private network owner have topcon equipment that work in these format.

The topcon gear can also send RTCM format. Can’t you select betwee different streams? That is a very common feature.


Yes, the solution will be set the corrections in network to rtcm3. Tks

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