NTRIP client settings bug

Steps to reproduce

  1. Choose NTRIP client for correction source in rover mode.
  2. Fill out any all fields except username. Leave username empty/null.
  3. Save config. Choosing load yes or no has no impact on the behavior reported here.
  4. Inspect NTRIP client fields. NTRIP client field values get modified. For example one field value will be removed and appended/concatenated into a different field.

I verified this on both my reach units. Same behavior. It appears that only the username field yields this behavior. No other NTRIP fields left empty/null reproduced the same behavior. I have an NTRIP endpoint that requires no username, hence this workflow.

ReachView: 0.4.9
Reach image: 1.2

Initial state

After save

Was this a bug and, if so, was it addressed in 2.0 beta? Or maybe it’s no longer relevant. But it’s a good test case for you if nothing else.

We will take a look at this, thanks!