NTRIP Client error


I have a Septentrio PolaRx5 receiver, working as NTRIP Caster. When I try to connect Reach NTRIP Client, I’m getting:
Connected to rtk.cosgraf.com.br
Connected to HTTP/1.1 505 Http version not supported
Current ReachView version: 2.5.3-r0

I call Septentrio support and they connected to our caster, and received corrections successfully:

Thank you.

Attached my printscreens

Is your base a VRS ? If not, leave that part unchecked. But fill in mount point
What happens then?
What correction method do you use?

It’s a single base station. Disabling or enabling the send NMEA position flag causes same error.
I’m using RTCMv3.

There is a little bug with the NTRIP configuration screen, when entering the mountpoint by hand. Changing the field does not make the apply/cancel buttons appear, therefore the settings are not used. We are aware of this and will fix it soon. For now, change the format to RTMC2, apply, then change it back to RTCM3 and apply again.

Please report on your results

Same problem. Where could I find a log file?
TCP connection works fine.

Could you share connection details via a PM, so I could try it out as well?

And could you try SPMT instead of Spmt?

Yes, I used SPMT. Same problem.

When will this bug get fixed ?