NTRIP Caster Repeatedly Disconnecting/Reconnecting

I have been running NTRIP Caster with my RS2+ and RX for a few months without any issues. Lately however, the rover loses the link to the base and I have to select the mountpoint again. This happens at intervals of a few minutes, sometimes within a minute. If I had to guess what changed, it would be trying that last Beta version of 31. I’ve since updated the firmware to the stable 31.1 but the problem persisted.

Some details:
Base: RS2+ sending corrections via NTRIP Caster
Internet at base: T-Mobile
Rover: RX
Internet at rover: Verizon in Mesa3 data collector running FieldGenius


I have also noticed similar instability with my RS2 since up grading to firmware 31.1

Hi guys!

Sorry, it’s been so quiet here. We had some issues recently where some of our users saw incorrect statuses on the Emlid Caster interface, but we fixed them at the beginning of the month. Do you still have similar instabilities?

I haven’t noticed instability with the status but with the connection. I addressed it again in another thread and it seems to be my connection with the cell networks. I’ve since changed out my SIM for Eiot club service instead of T-Mobile and it’s gotten better but there are still hiccups.


me sucede lo mismo, la base ntrip se desconecta por unos 10 a 15 segundos y vuelve a conectar sola cada 5 minutos aproximadamente, lo que implica que el movil quede flotante constantemente, es un poco desalentador trabajar así en terreno.