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I have questions about logging of the NTRIP base data in the RS2. This is a very important, because I have to describe the CORS and base information (coordinates, mount point, etc) to the Land Registery Bureau.

I have tried more solutions in the measurement.

  1. Reach View: after the connection, I see the reference base data: coordinates, base lenght, latency of the correction on the screen.
    How can I download the measured file, that it contains these information? The exported and downloaded formats do not contain these.
    In this case, I connect the controller to the RS2 via WiFi.

  2. SurPAD Android application: none of the exportable formats contain the reference base information.
    In this case, I connect the controller to the RS2 via Bluetooth.

  3. SurvCE Windows Mobile: This configuration provides the base station data. It means, the information is somewhere exist in the system.
    In this case, I connect the controller to the RS2 via Bluetooth.

In all of solution I use the contollers’ (phones) internet.

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Good question

In the other hand, when I use the SurPAD software, the displayed HRMS is always 0.014 and the VRMS is always 0.01 metre.
The raw file contains always “0.00” base coordinates and these fake RMS (14 mm and 10 mm) values.
How can I store real data?

VBR; Sándor

What have you downloaded so far? The default download for corrections is the RTCM format. This can be converted to Rinex with RTKConv, or you can set the RS2 to log directly to Rinex for the corrections.

However, you should never rely on the positions in these files when post-processing. Get the positions directly from your NTRIP provider instead.

I talking about real time kinematic observation. When I control the RS2 via WiFi, I see the base lenght, base position, etc. in the Reach View. In this case the correction input is the NTRIP.
When I would like to download the RTK observation data, I can export it in GeoJSON, CSV, DDCSV, DXF and SHP file formats. None of these contain base data (eg. CORS ID, MountPoint, Base antenna info, Base coordinates, Base lenght,…), which I have to give over to the Land Registry Bureau.
How can I get the NTRIP base information from the RS2, like from other GNSS receivers? Where are the raw file, like the RW5 eg. in the Stonex systems?

In the case of RS2 I see only the measured points without reference data.

In the logging tab :slight_smile:

Hi Sándor,

You are right, such information as the CORS ID or Mount Point isn’t included in the RTK output. However, CSV output contains Base easting, Base northing, Base elevation, and Baseline for each point.

If it’s appropriate for you, you may save the CORS ID and Mount Point information manually after the survey. Also, we may consider adding this information to the RTK output in the future. Is there a chance you could share a list of the fields required by the Land Registry Bureau?

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