NTRIP Base Corrections Coordinates for FieldGenius Export

When exporting raw point data in FieldGenius we not seeing the NTRIP base coordinates exported. The base id we are connected to is listed however.

Is there a way to have the RS2/Reachview push the base reference coordinate data into FieldGenius?

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Are you pushing data to field genius using NMEA or the emlid ERB protocol? I believe that NMEA does not include information about the base location, but ERB does.


I use ERB protocol & do not see base info

It was set to ERB at first, but I couldn’t get it to connect to via Bluetooth until I switched to NMEA format.

We’ve always used ERB for Fieldgenius.


Hi @TheDave,

Can you please show me where you wanted to see the NTRIP base coordinates in FieldGenius? If you could share the screenshot, that would be great.

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We would like to see the reference coordinates in the export.

The top section was taken with our Leica unit. The bottom was shot with the RS2 connected to FieldGenius for Android. This could be a limitation of the NMEA messaging format, but I am no expert in this field.

Hi @TheDave,

I see, thanks for the details!

Let me double-check this with the team first. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi @TheDave,

Sorry for keeping you waiting!

We’ve tested everything and it appears that you can get Reference information if you choose the Reach RS2 (NMEA) profile in FieldGenius, not the other ones available for Reach. The coordinates will appear in the CSV export.

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