Hi. Just purchased a Reach RS unit and trying to test it out by using it to GPS fixed points in a vineyard that will serve as Base Locations later.

I have a question about submitting the RINEX data to NRCANN PPP service. I get a warning on the results email regarding the antenna.

Warning : Although an antenna record was located in the RINEX file, no phase centre information could be found in the IGS/NGS file for your antenna. Estimated height should be used with caution. Ensure that both the antenna type and the RINEX header record "ANT # / TYPE " are valid.

Is this something I can add to the file manually, and if so what would I specify?


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This may be unrelated, but when I submitted my RINEX files to NRCAN a few months ago, the header had an L1 and L2 column in it. Given that the Reach RS sues L1 only, I had to remove L2 to get the NRCAN tool to work.

I’m also doing vineyard work, and I am curious about your project! What are you trying to achieve?

I think this warning is ok to ignore. This information is mostly important for multi-frequency antennas and receivers.

I think we fixed this. Some of the L1 GNSS signals have confusing naming in the RINEX standard. Like, B1 Beidou pseudoranges are C2X. If that’s possible, please create a separate thread and provide a log and a full system report of your device.

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I have the same warning on my result that just came in. Hoping to find something in forum as a solution.

Hi there!
Have a look at this thread:

Ignore the unrelated subject on L1/L2.


Thanks for that link Lars. It sounds like the take away message is that to make that error disappear we have to wait for Emlid to provide the relevant information about the Reach’s antenna so it will be in the igs08.atx and ngs_abs.pcv files. Since that isn’t available now we just ignore. Correct?

I believe you are correct!

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