NRCAN no phase center information found in NGS

I modified the RS2 RINEX header as suggested above

and now receive a different message from NRCAN:

"Warning : Although an antenna record was located in the RINEX file, no phase centre information could be found in the IGS/NGS file for your antenna. Estimated height should be used with caution. Ensure that both the antenna type and the RINEX header record “ANT # / TYPE " are valid.”

I assume this medant that the information is missing from the NGS database. However the RS2 appears in the database along with the calibration data.

Can the phase centre information be added manually to the header to rectify the processing error?

Hi @itenviro,

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May I ask you to enter the ANT # / TYPE while converting the file in RTKConv? You can do it as follows:

After that, the file should be processed in NRCAN fine. If you face any issues, you can share the file with me so that I can help you with processing.

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Thank you. I will try that. I had edited the RINEX headers in sublime text and zipped the .obs file and uploaded to NRCAN so had not needed rtkconv. I will use rtkconv then and if successful will continue that procedure.

Just to let you know that processing the files through rtkconv as you noted above has resulted in NRCAN processing without errors. Thanks

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