Not getting Reach data in Arducopter


I configured Reach as follows:

  • The base sends corrections via TCP.
  • The rover receives those corrections and the solution outputs are UART (for Navio+) and TCPserver (to see them with RTKPLOT).
  • Rover and Navio+ are connected with DF13 wire (in the connector near the USB)
  • I changed parameters GPS_TYPE2 = 1, SERIAL4_BAUD = 38, SERIAL4_PROTOCOL = 5, GPS_AUTO_SWITCH = 1 in Mission Planner

I can see the coordinates in RTKPlot, but I cannot see them in Mission Planner. Any idea?

Thank you in advance!! :slight_smile:

I just tried sending base correction over UART. I can see the corrections are coming (in the GPS inject window), but I can’t see them in ReachViewApp.
Could Reach or Navio+ UART be fault?

Did you configure Reach to receive corrections from UART at 38400 baud? Did you configure it to output ERB protocol at 38400?

The wire connecting UARTs was faulty.

Thank you for the quick reply!