Not getting any cam events

Think it may be the settings in camera control. Now it says camera control, not camera control and monitoring lol. My autopilot triggers the camera. Do I still need it on to record the shutter events? Thought I had this all figured out, not so much. Just went outside to make some tests and I do get events when I process the raw log with camera control toggled on. But in the camera settings tab, you should see last event but there’s nothing. Could it be a software bug?

Hi Shaun,

Don’t think we ever called this tab Camera control and monitoring :sweat_smile:Still, I get what you’re talking about.

Sure, you will see the last time mark in the Camera control tab. This is true until you turn the receiver off. So once you restart it, there will be no previous recording in the tab. Start anew, so to say :slight_smile:

I can see some confusion in how to use this control tab. I’ll get you through this.

Reach M2 connects to the camera via the hot shoe cable. That’s how Reach gets a signal to record a time mark into the raw data log: every time the shutter falls (aka the photo is taken), Reach records it. That’s what you see in the Camera events field.

You can use various ways to trigger the camera:

  • auto-trigger from the camera (timelapse)
  • from your autopilot
  • from your Reach device (requires a custom cable)

We generally recommend going for the auto-trigger option as it’s the easiest. So all of this means that without triggering the camera, you can’t see the events in the Camera tab.

If you switched toggle in Camera control, it means you started sending the trigger signal from Reach. If so, make sure your Trigger and Ground pins on Reach are connected to the corresponding pins on the camera. With this variant, you don’t need to trigger the camera via autopilot.

Just to finish this message, I’d suggest checking out the PPK Mapping with Reach guides. There are three of them and they cover the whole mapping process. We’ll be glad to answer the questions on them, as well.

I turned camera control on even though I’m using the autopilot to control the camera. Now all the events are recorded! Still freaked out about not recording the events I hit the shutter button before taking off and again after landing and check the last recorded exposure. Now to figure out why I lose the odd log. After landing I turn recording off and then the log shows up below. Except sometimes not. Now I watch it compress and make sure it’s there before moving on.


If your trigger port on Reach is not connected to the camera, I’d still say that it’s a coincidence and the magic happened elsewhere :sweat_smile: The time marks are recorded if the hot shoe connection is stable and trigger is also cool.

Do you mean that logs are sometimes not saved? That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Please check if your Reach has enough free space and that it’s updated to the latest firmware. Also, it’s generally better to turn off the logging manually, not by simply unplugging the receiver from the power supply.

If nothing helps and you still lose logs, please, share your Full System Report from the device with me, either in PM here or via That’ll help us to find the issue massively.

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