Not enough epochs

After submitting my RINEX file to NRCAN for PPP I get the following message back “Error : CSRS-PPP online was unable to process your submitted RINEX file. Most likely causes are not enough epochs or missing data types.” Is anyone able to elaborate more as to what this means?

Open up your RINEX files and see what you have in there. Use RTKPLOT to visualize it. Do you have a few hours of data? Does everything look solid or were you getting spotty reception? If you process your RINEX in single mode with RTKPOST, does the solution look OK in RTKPLOT?

Not enough epochs means the log is not long enough. Maybe you can check if you have your RINEX version compatible as well.

The log was several hours. The problem turned out to be an error in the way the Rinex file was made where by it had formatted the file for dual frequency

What version of ReachView recorded the log?

the latest 2.1.0 and now for some reason my phase information isn’t being recorded either.

Do you mean v2.10.0?

yes sorry v2.10.0

The latest dev version has the RINEX headers fixed, it will soon make into stable. Can you share the log with the last problem you mentioned?

the phase not being recorded?

i would also like to add that my heights are always way off around 30 to 40 metres and always measure in a negative height

Yes, you can PM it to me.

May it be because we output height above Ellipsoid?

that is what I was thinking, therefore I need to workout the difference against my height datum which is AHD?

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