Not detect the Reach RS network

The application “fing” does not detect the Reach RS network, Detects others divice
the Net light (blue), now it blinks very often, before it was flashing slowly.(When it detected the network).
What can i do?

Quick flashing is scan mode. Your reach is not connected to any network.
Your wifi may have changed some of it setting, make sure your credentials is correct. Try deleting wifi by connecting to reach hotspot.

You can tell me how to do it, I tried but I have not succeeded, I do not know what I did wrong. thanks

So reach creates no hotspot eiher?
Make sure your out of range from wifi

The wifi is very close, to 60 centimeters like theReach RS GPS, Detects networks far away but not near GPS, are new and are damaged,

Hi, not sure i fully understand you last post.
Do you connet to reach when far way from wifi?

Now it does not connect near or far. no connect.
I try to send a video but it does not allow me. thanks


Could you please follow all the steps from our quickstart guide carefully?
Check twice that you enter the correct name of your wi-fi network and the password.

I have done it several times, but now it does not detect the Reach RS’s wifi, and the blue light “net”, it blinks rapidly, before it was slowly blinking when the Reasch Rs network was visible. thanks

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