Not conect Xiaomi - RS2

I cannot connect via hotspot with the cell phone Xiaomi M9 lite and RS2, to be able to use correction via NTRIP. It is also not compatible with Reachview 2, it does not open. in reachview 3 it works, but it doesn’t connect via hotspot.

Hi Rul,

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Could you please specify whether Reach RS2 shows up in the list of available devices when you connect RS2 to your mobile phone hotspot?

It’d be useful to check if Reach RS2 can connect to the other Wi-Fi networks. I believe Connecting Reach to the Internet guide might be of help to you.

Hi Rul,

Have you had a chance to connect RS2 to the other Wi-Fi networks? It might help us determine the reasons for the issue with the hotspot connection.

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