Not able echoing the mavros topics


I got the navio2 on a raspberry pi running Emlid Raspbian, ArduCopter: 3.2-rc2.
I want to use the mavros-node in ros and use the information published by it’s topics.
I followed the instruction guide(
I can connect ardupilot to apm-planner by setting the TELEM of arducopter to the IP of my PC(GCS).
With the following code:

I can run the mavros node, but the warnings in the beginning doesn’t look right:

When I do ‘rostopic list’, I get a list of all topics published by the mavros node.
When getting info from rostopic, you have to do a servicecall:
But here I get the error. How can I solve the problem. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Stef

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