North direction? Elevation height?

Is there a NORTH direction on Reach RS units?

Where is the height measured from exactly? From bottom of survey pole point to bottom of Reach RS unit PLUS 65mm correct?

Thank you.

No compass-orientation is needed.

Antenna height illustration is shown here:

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Thank you.

I know we need to enter this height for the Rover, but what about the Base unit (have 2 Reach RS units).

Does the base average its own location and height best it can? Is this meant as autonomous? How does it know how high it is from the point on the ground? Couple feet, several feet, etc? If it gets a FIX within a few minutes and holds for as long as rover point collection. is that ok to go from?

How does one find a known point such as a monument, and gets its coordinates and height exactly? Is their public data to get this in US, or do you have to have a surveyor locate the point for you and set the base up on manually in base mode?

All units need to have the height over ground input into Reachview

If you want it to. The best thing is to input a known point from a known monument. Or you can use a close by NTRIP station to give a precise point. Or use PPP or PPS to estimate with quite good accuracy.

I have also asked somewhat the same questions, so take a look at my topics, if you have the time.


I see to do so when using Survey in ReachView for the Rover…but about the other unit that is the Base? Where do I enter the Base’s height?

Where does one typically obtain this information for the monument etc?

Ok, I see it now. The “icon” upper right corner next to restart coordinates approximation icon.

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