Noob problem i think

Hi friends i’am student from México now i’am ussing navio 2 with rpi 3 model b+ but i have problem when i try to download ardupilot to my linux navio i use the next comand:
#make a directory
$ ls
$ mkdir src
$cd src
#clonning a repository from github to the ddirectory wich i create before
$ git clone -b Copter-3.6.5
$ cd src
$cd ardupilot/
#all the files from repository on github
#compiling the firmaware
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
then appears this error
fatal: write error: No space left on device fatal: index-pack failed fatal: clone of 'git://’ into submodule path ‘/home/pi/src/ardupilot/modules/PX4Firmware’ failed Failed to clone ‘modules/PX4Firmware’. Retry scheduled

i’am following the instructions on this video

i would be very happy if anyone here can help me with this problem …


df -h

at the command line will tell you how much disk space you have used (Use%). There will be several entries. The one you are interested in is probably /dev/mmcblk0p1 or similar. It will be the one “Mounted on” the root directory ( / ).

Maybe you just need a larger SD card. Or maybe the filesystem hasn’t been expanded to the full size of the card yet.


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