Noob here - any assistance will be appreciated

I purchased a uav from Event 38 - E384. It comes with the Reach for PPK.
The instructional on the event website is not very intuitive for someone whom has never used PPK before.
I was hoping there was someone here who could provide some guidance as to what I am doing wrong.

Or are there any step by step walk through guides on this site?

For what you paid for that drone they should set it up and provide in-depth documentation.

What is the actual issue? Or what do you think you are doing wrong?

Using the RTKPOST software.
Im basically guessing which files to import.
And so far nothing appears to have worked.
When I hit plot - there are no tracks.

I got the logging data from my trimble R9 base station as a .t02 file.
I ran that through the RTKCONV software and got 3 more files:
I took the .18o and converted it to an .obs file. (im assuming i did it correct)

Then I bring the raw .obs file from the drone into RTKPOST
Then I bring in the .obs file i created from the trimble r9 base station.
Then im lost as to which .nav im supposed to use for the final entry.
All i have is the .nav file from the raw drone rinex folder

Hey there,

Have you read this article? It might clarify the whole workaround a lot.

You can also find a GPS Post-processing tutorial in our docs with a detailed description of all standard configurations.

I believe i found my issue - my base station logs are not from the same time my drone flight was.
I collected static data a couple hours after my drone flight.
Now I will go fly it again, but start my logging data again to correspond to my flight


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