Noob getting started

Hello! i am new to rc and im having trouble finding were to start. I have installed the Real-time Linux for rpi2(Real-time Linux) and i have built the quad. My parts are as follows:

radio & reciever: turnigy tgy 9x
compute board: raspberry pi 2 model B
flight controller : navio+ with gps and power module
battery : Multistar High Capacity 4S 5200mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack
frame : Dart 450 FPV
esc : Turnigy Multistar 20A V2 ESC
motors : Quanum MT Series 2814 880KV Brushless Multirotor Motor
props : 10x5E Carbon Fiber Propellers

I have got the lighting system and the pi up and running and when i turn it on the motors turns maby 90 degrees. I have not got the radio connected to the reciever and i do not know if i have to do anything more to get it to fly.

What to do?

short answer:
1 - configure transmitter & radio
2 - Calibrate your esc’s
3 - Connect the unit to your PC and calibrate via mission planner or APMplanner2.
4 - Tune PIDS

Here’s a really good resource to all the steps that you need to complete to get a well performing unit running APM.

Start on the left in the gray side bar and go through each drop down and read the contents of each page. once you have go through all that you will be good to go!

Tank you!