Noob doesn't understand batteries connect to motors

Hi, dumb programmer building my first drone and I’m stuck understanding how the motors are powered.

Each of my motors has an ESC(12A Afro ESC). For every ESC, I’ve connected the small 3 pin plugs onto the servo rail of the Navio+.

Now each ESC is left with two bigger wires left. These all need to be connected to a battery correct? But I’m not an electrician and not sure how to connect all these 8 wires to a battery. Do I need to buy power distribution board? Or can I just connect the wires in a circuit with the battery?

I guess you are building a miniquad, so you should keep it as light as possible. You could just solder the four red wires in the positive side of your connector ( the counter part to the one that is soldered to the lipo battery) and the four black wires to the negative side. Do not forget to put a piece of heatshrink over each 4-wire pack, before soldering them to the connector. If you want to use the power module, just plug it between the battery and the connector on your ESCs. The power module uses XT60 connectors and you should buy a battery with a XT60 connector too, to keep things easy.
If you solder XT60 connectors, especially the ones that go on the ESC side, plug a loose counterpart in. Otherwise you might melt the pins out of the connector. There are plenty of youtube how-to´s out there.

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Thanks so much. It’s moving now :smile:

This is what it looks like:

FYI, do not connect all 3 wires of your 4 ESCs to the Navio. The BEC of the ESCs will heat each other. Leave only one power wire, and cut the rest out.