NON-RTK config

Has anyone had good luck using the Reach RS2 as a single DGPS unit?

While testing a Reach RS2 at my office in NM I was able to experience sub-meter accuracy.

At a more remote site where work is being done, accuracy has been way worse, like multiple meters…

I know SBAs isn’t used by Reach RS2 but if anyone has some tips for optimizing a single solution please shout them out.



The sub-meter accuracy was over how long of a time frame. Try checking a point on day one at say a 10 minute observation or whatever timeframe you want. Come back on day two and check the exact same physical location under DGPS for the same amount of time and compare the two.

RTK has repeatability and accuracy. If you do the same test with RTK using the same base station information or NTRIP information, you will see repeatability and accuracy.


WAAS is a drifting unreliable dinosaur, would you still use a computer from 2003?

The dual frequency receiver chip used in the emlid gets better accuracy not using WAAS, but it does use the geostationary SBAS satellites as just another positional satellite.

RS2’s work best in pairs. Try it with RTK corrections.


I get what you are saying for sure, I was just told by co-workers that we should be able to use the RS2 as a submeter unit without RTK. It was only the case when testing out at the office, and now that I think if it, I was in the general vicinity of where I did the testing for 10-15 minutes so maybe it had gotten that good by just being in the same place for a long time…

We are going that route now, I just had been misinformed about the use case of RS2s as standalone units being that arcuate. Our RTK setup is super so far. thanks


If you have a government funded CORS network in your area you can get rtk corrections from it.

Having your own base though is awesome, you will be amazed how good dual band RTK is. Getting local corrections for all constellations is wonderful. No messing around, stable repeatable results.

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That is what I love about our Ohio CORS network. Setup my base using average fix location for 5 minutes and it gets it extremely close to the actual position which is more than I actually need but, if I would have to go back and find it later on, being that close is very nice.

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Nothing more for me to add here after the guys above. Reach RS2 is really designed for the RTK/PPK workflow. When you use it in a Single mode, without any corrections from the base, you can’t expect the submeter accuracy. We don’t use SBAS or WAAS as the corrections sources so you’ll get a few meters in accuracy at max.

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