Noisy signals in Reach RS2 and M2 may cause no fix in RTKLIB

I have been faced with a problem to get fix soluiton in RTKLIB.
I have enough experience to operate Reach series (M+ and RS) and RTKLIB.
However, all recent surveys after start using new Reach RS2 and M2 failed probably because of noisy signals.

Yesterday, I did a comparative test using Reach devices I have (one RS2, one M2 and two M+). All devises are installed latest firmware and sampled GPS, Galileo and Beidou with 5 Hz.
The combination of two Reach M+ got a stable fixed solution. However, calculations using RS2 and/or M2 showed abnoramal results.

I realized that RS2 and M2 contains noisy signals in comparizon with M+.
These two images show the results of RTKLIB calculation in single positioning.
The upper image is RS2 and lower is M+.

As you can see, RS2 shows larger fluctuation than M+.
These data were obtained at same time and same place.

I’m thinking that this noisy signals cause no fix in RTKLIB.
However, I have no idea why RS2 and M2 contains such a noisy signals.

I should be very pleased if someone gives me helpful comments.


Hi Tatsuya,

Could you share these datasets with us so that we can look into them? The following files would be of help:

  • raw data logs from bases (RS2 and M+)
  • raw data, position, base correction logs from rovers (M2 and M+)
  • photos of environment and hardware setup
  • Simple System reports from all the devices
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Hi Tatiana,

Thank you for your reply.

I acquired Reach data which you need to check.
The data and photos are uploaded to Google Drive.

Unfortunately Google drive rejects to upload Base files (.RTCM3).
If you need the Base files, I’ll send them by e-mail.

I hope you can find solutions to solve the problem.


Hi Tatsuya,

I’ve processed your data in RTKLIB using Static positioning mode and got quite good results for both setups:

  • Reach M+ base + Reach M+ rover

  • Reach RS2 base + Reach M2 rover

Could you clarify which RTKLIB version you tried?

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